Friday, May 25, 2007

today was the last day of school for semester 5, and also the last day of preclinical school.

in a sense, i left the school gates with mixed and strange feelings. on one hand, glad to have finished 2 and a half years of gruelling preclinical school. on the other hand, kind of sad to go separate ways from all the good friends that i've made during my time spent here. also a sense of pity that i did not get to know some people whom i think would have made good friends. oh well, i guess some things in life are fated and if you are meant to meet again, i believe your paths will cross some time or other int he not too distant future.

headed down to the pub for drinks with some med people in general. it was a nice chill out place. later went to dinner with the singaporeans at our usual thai restaurant on lygon.

oh well...i guess no time for nostalgia now. exams are in 10 days time and its crunch time!