Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hi guys! i'm back!

the long awaited one week break has finally arrived....and what i really need right now is to catch my breath and take a breather from 10 intense weeks of neuro and sex! (sexual reproduction)

went to watch An Inconvenient Truth with the Political Interest Society yesterday. i must say that it is a film that will certainly compel you to think about global warming seriously and think twice about revving up that hummer for a frivolous road trip! Al Gore's certainly done a commendable job of communicating the message in a firm, yet not overly serious way. He certainly has lightened up a bit since the 2000 elections, when the media referred to him as stiff as a wooden pole. With the profile he is getting from this movie, it certainly sets the stage for him if he should make a comeback in 2008.

Had dinner with James tonight at Maria's Trattoria in North Melbourne. Thank goodness is ordered the entree risotto! It was so huge that i couldn't even finish it! We got so carried away talking and laughing that we didn't even notice that we had been overcharged by $14 ! After walking about one block from the restaurant, I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. The maths didn't seem to click when my rational mind kicked back in. Thank goodness we got our money back!

I was just doing some reflection and thinking about firsts. I mean...do you sentimental people out there remember the first time you ever did something? The first time, when you knew nothing at all and what to expect and just went in for the heck of it. You know...like...perhaps your first time in an airplane, when the sensation of being lifted to greater heights simply took your breath away! haha! Certainly something to remember, don't you think? Especially when your mind is racing, your heart pounding, and every neurotransmitter pathway in your brain seems to be firing away wildly, trying to anticipate or pre-empt whats gonna happen next!

Oh well....i know this sounds random...haha....but yea...think about it.

In the meantime, here are some pics from recent events. Enjoy!