Thursday, June 15, 2006

end of semester 3!

finally, the semester on cardio, respiratory and locomotion has ccome to a close with the last exam on tuesday. time to chill out now after a couple of tense weeks.

feel like i'm getting old these days....clubbing doesn't seem to appeal to me anymore...can't believe i actually missed the post exam party! oh well....sitting at borders and reading a book doesn't seem like a bad option anyway.

the world cup craze doesn't seem to be as hot as it is in singapore. perhaps its because the aussies are still pretty preoccupied with their footy and rugby despite the big hoo ha over the world cup. they are so proud of the 3 goals they scored against japan...newspapers are plastered with full coloured photos and the tv keeps repeating it during advertisements.

this winter hol should be fun. mark, the cool american dude on my floor, is coming to singapore! time to play host and tour guide for a bit! besides that, i'll be up in shanghai for a couple of days, wondering around, doing some serious shopping and learning about diplomacy.

am certainly looking fwd to meeting up with the guys who have just started school in the US. its always great meeting up and exchanging stories about life in different parts of the world.