Thursday, September 15, 2005

a dull existence??

there's been a lack of excitement in my life. i just feel it in my bones. i'm just degenerating into a boring mugger toad, and i gotta put the brakes on that before its too late. mag's been taking spanish classes and it seems pretty interesting. i should check that out next semester!

mid sem test this week. didn't manage to finish studying the volumes of info and ended up with a mediocre score. gotta get my act together before the finals.

another week of school ahead before i head off to canberra and sydney for a long awaited break! it includes a stopover at mount kosciusko, australia's highest mountain, and the scenic blue mountains. the last time i've been to sydney was in 1995, exactly 10 years ago. time flies! i remember i loved it so much that i had lingering holiday hangovers when school term started in primary 6!