Monday, August 29, 2005

urggh....hasn't been a great day. still kinda tired from too much enjoyment over the weekend.

i think my vocab is now going down the drain, considering the fact that all i've been reading for the past month has been medical literature. its time to get some good intellectual fodder!

tomorrow is merdeka, or malaysia's national day. it should be a great celebration. we are probably going to bismi after that. i haven't really paid much attention to it when i was back in singapore. its only when i came here that i became more aware of other cultures and countries. previously, my impression of malaysia was just that of whatever was portrayed in the singapore media. i was just flipping through fortune magazine and was surprised to see that petronas made it to the fortune 500 list. the only malaysian company to do so.

yawn....back to bed for now. wanna get up early to rush that damned essay by friday.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

That's us at the accomodation in rural shepparton, a small city 3 hours north of melbourne. really quaint and quiet. rent here is so cheap...only $40 a week!!!
That's us with Professor Dawn Dewitt, an inspiring rural GP who was educated in University of Washington, Harvard, and Cambridge.

primitive me has finally taken to uploading pics onto my blog...anyway...i had a really awesome weekend in shepparton! best part of the trip (apart from the rural GP conference of course...:) ) was the food and wine!

we were taken to this really quaint looking restaurant in downtown shepparton for dinner on sat night. i had linguinne topped with a seafood....plenty of muscles, scallops, oysters...went well with the white wine. the highlight of dessert was the sticky date, which apparently was a traditional Australian dessert...its basically melted sugar with egg and some chocolate....too bad my vocab is not powerful enough to describe that heavenly sensation of downing such sweet secrets!