Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Back in IH!

ahh....the nice cool air minus the humidity. its great to be back here in melb where i only have to take 1 or 2 bathes a day and don't feel too sticky! but still...all the singporean med students do feel kinda homesick for the first couple of days of arriving in melb! i miss my car!

school started yesterday but its so strange! like the whole university is only occupied by med students (and physio)

there's been lots of american students coming into IH. some are just here for the melbourne welcome. there was this american born chinese guy staying in the room right opposite mine...and he's so damn big sized...(as in large built, not fat)....and i think to myself...wow....genetically, we are roughly similar...but look what a lifetime of American diet can produce!

classes have started but no one's really in the mood. though i wanna start this sem on a proper footing and not lag behind in my work, because it makes it much harder to catch up later on.

met a couple of exchange students over dinner. there was this guy from london who was telling us about how he narrowly missed those bombs. he was at the Strand on the way to visit his friends but the bombs went off just as he was to enter the subway station. there was also another girl from southampton and another from pennsylvania. hi mark!

there are quite a lot of students from pennsylvania though! i met this one from gettysburg...pennsylvania...and of course...the only thing i know about that place is the famous gettysburg address! what a conversation starter! haha!