Saturday, January 31, 2004

Just got back from a Sierra 3 dinner at Marina Bay...$10 per head eat all you can...not too bad a deal.....not surprising the place was pretty packed.

Its always nice to get together with a bunch of old friends and remininsce about all the old times and all the shit that you guys went through together. It really seems as if we have come a long way to get to where we are today. How time flies...not long ago, we were doing all the funny things during those times in OCS, "casavecking" people during TST leadership field camp, Ngiam fireman lifting Niron during section field camp, Kenneth getting picked on endlessly by Brenson for his SOC performance, Jinyu throwing a grenade into LTA Gerald's head...etc.

Its sad to think about how I never managed to commission with them all eventually. Its like being cheated of something that you've looked forward to for 9 whole months. Sometimes I wonder why God has to let such a cruel twist of fate victimise me like that. But I always tell myself to look ahead and accept the present circumstances. It was a freak accident and beyond my control. No point harping over it.

Looking back, its been a year without regrets. The one tangible thing that I've got out of OCS is the invaluable friendships that have been cultivated during those days there. In the army, you have nobody to turn to other than yourself and your buddies. Met many interesting characters and its through interaction with them that I began to gradually change my perception of things and to question my previous believes and mindsets. In a has certainly helped to open my mind.

It was also during those days in OCS that I really discovered a lot about myself, especially all my shortcomings. Being put to the test many a time, one would eventually find himself lacking in certain areas and the onus is on him to do some self-improvement. Its the rather harsh environment that really forces ya to make up for your deficiencies in the shortest possible time.

Ok, enough of such serious thoughts, time for a good nights rest.