Saturday, June 04, 2005

exams tomorrow!!! i'm suddenly feeling the panic! especially after talking to charlotte and learning that she's attempted over 500 mcqs! oh no!!!

its was a great lunch in china town today with the folks staying on my floor. went to this restaurant called shark's fin house, recommended by Dino. it was great company with Mark, Mervyn, Julia, Lynn, Dino, and Moe.

Its sad that Mark and Julia will be leaving in just about 2 weeks time! And suddenly we realize that though we've been living so close to each other, we hardly really talk to each other in a group. after such a hearty lunch with great conversations, it suddenly dawned upon us that we should do this more often!

that's the great thing about americans like mark and julia...they are so spontaneous and just say what they are really thinking. like if they really enjoyed the company, they would just say it. nothing to be shy about.

its great being rich in the states, u can buy all the dream cars u want. and get a merc for every member of your family, plus an extra car for the weekend. its apparently pretty common though. can u imagine your dad driving an S500, your mum in a E240, your brother in an SLK, and yourself in a C200?


donald rumsfeld is in singapore! i wanna be there to catch a glimpse of him! another one of my political idols! i don't exactly agree with all of the policies and wars that he is waging but i admire the way he articulates himself so well whenever he gives briefings at the pentagon. and how he coolly shoots down reporters and flashes a smile that has a potent mix of being amiable and deadly at the same time. as usual, he is engaging in some china bashing, this time berating them for the massive arms build up on the coastal region right opposite taiwan. hey...but come on...the reality is that china has to be prepared for all eventualities, and if they ever have to take back taiwan by force, they will have to do it and be ready to overwhelm and overcome and form of american military intervention. apparently the've been studying the capabilites of the american deployment to that region very carefully and trying to find their archille's heel.

so much for politics...

tried to get some study done in brownless. haven't hung out with my singapore friends for a long time. feel like i'm drifting from them. but that's what inevitably happens when u hang out less with a particular group of people. i've never been used to having a clique back in high school days. always drifting around. oh well....a bit too independent and individualistic i guess.

more stimulating conversations at the dinner table!!! it was great having a nice chat with kristy about our common worries and insecurities about our future in the medical profession. i too sometimes worry if i made the right choice, but then again, it seemed like the natural path, the tried and tested path. couldn't have imagined myself doing anything else.

we just don't wanna end up as sad doctors who spend all their lives stuck in the hospital without having an active social life outside.

bah...i'll discuss this in greater detail in future. for now, i wanna hit the bed...

Friday, June 03, 2005

sometimes, we need to just relax and let loose. go easy. see the lighter side of life and take things less seriously. look less deeply into insignificant things!

making friends isn't all that hard a thing to do. just gotta open yourself up more and be more receptive to person to person interactions! go out more and do stuff with people! be positive and don't conjure up negative self images!

sometimes, nice friends just come along unexpectedly. u don't need to go looking for them. been studying hard in the library and met this bunch of korean dudes doing dentistry. nice and easy going fellas. moe and i had a great time hanging out at their place at UC after leaving the library at 3am!

how crazy! we chatted till 6 am!

can't believe exams are on monday! why am i not feeling overly panicky? i know whats coming but fear has not struck me yet. could be cos i haven't been around my singaporean friends much these days.

went out for beer with mark, hiro, and charissa. went to chill out at a pub along swanston. its sad that they'll all be leaving so soon. alcohol is such a great way to bond and let ur hair down. i think i've not been indulging in enough of that "alcohol bonding" in semester 1.

ok, time to sleep now and put in a last ditch effort over the weekend.

its not a laughing matter anymore!