Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Hello 2003, Goodbye 2002!

Welcome all after a long dry spell due to my 2 week vacation. Just thought that the heading might be a good break from the cliched "Happy New Year" that one commonly hears. Anyway, how time flies and I'm now just 2 days past my 18th bday. kudos to those of u who remembered. The reality hasn't sunk in yet. The harsh reality of being and adult....the implications....the changes....the change in mentality expected of you....the expectations of those around you. Kinda got jerked into thinking about it when the friendly and chiou SIA stewardess on the plane wished me happy bday and made a mention of being an adult.... yea and treated me to champagne. Maybe i don't actually look 18 yet since the other stewardess was a little reluctant to serve me wine. haha. I was 18 by Singapore time, 17 by London time. Kewl.