Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Phantom is Back!

I can't stop rambling on about an awesome night out i had last night! What else could it be! The day i've been waiting for for 4 months since i booked the ticket! The Phantom is back in Melbourne! As usual, the music was great and absolutely swept me away... but it was also the theatrics and special effects that left me with an unforgettable experience.

Of course, the company was great too. XY took me to a fabulous korean dinner somewhere in clayton. sure beats the ones we have in the city.

reflecting on yesterday....i guess life is full of disappointments and unexpected revelations. i much as we want things to go the way we want it, sometimes it may not be meant to be. and we'd probably be better off just coming to terms with the reality rather than trying to force things. i mean...we have to try hard but sometimes, the time is just not ripe.

we should be grateful for what we have....and not keep trying to push the limits of possessions. i got into a taxi at clayton only to realise that the driver was an RMIT student from India studying accounting. he typically earns about $150 for an 8 hour shift. which made me realise how fortunate i am....and what a good life i've been leading all this while.

i just had a great night out...100 bucks on a phantom ticket, nice korean dinner, beer at hard rock cafe, cakes in glen waverly....and all this while my counterpart was driving a cab trying to earn some dough to pay the bills.

why should i be complaining?


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