Saturday, July 09, 2005

just got back from zhongwen's 21st bday at his condo. its amazing how time flies and how we have all come of age! 21! its the time u get to watch RA movies legally! met his girlfriend who's gonna be off to the UK to study law, and he's going to NUS. long distance relationships are always painful. not that i have been in one, but i can imagine the frustration and angst.

met up with the scouts in the afternoon. had lunch at cineleisure, then thanks to lots of us wanting to be red indian chiefs, wasted lots of time deciding what to do after lunch. we wanted to watch "Be With You", which is kindof like a love story, but decided that firstly, movies on weekends are too expensive, and secondly, its kind of gay for 8 guys to watch a love story together. so we ended up chilling out at Harry's, which is a pub opposite forum galleria. had a jug of heineken while watching the rugby match on tv. on the way there, i bumped into charissa and her mum strolling down orchard so i said hi and introed myself. the match was NZ all blacks vs a british team. silly aik yong is still so childish....he threw the cushion at kelvin goh and it flew over the railing and down the stairs...the manager picked it up and didn't look too pleased.

we left at about 4 plus and most left, so i watched fantastic 4 with aik yong and huang yu.

got a gift from isetan for zhongwen before rushing back home to settle dinner for my siblings, before rushing off to the party again.

on the way back, i looked at the odometer and realised that i'd clocked about 100 km in one day! the the fantastic thing is...the petrol needle hadn't dropped much! thanks to toyota's new VVTI (variable valve timing intelligent) technology.....dramatic improvements in fuel efficiency. nowonder 25% of singporean cars are toyota models.

Friday, July 08, 2005

the past few days have just been crazy! i never realised that housework and mundane tasks can be so incredibly stressful. basically both my parents are in the UK now and i've gotta take care of those things like fetching siblings to school, doing the laundry, walking the dog, feeding the dog...etc. sometimes these chores seem endless...i hate it!...really miss the days when we had a domestic helper.

met up with zhen jin and j qow a couple of days back. zhenjin got hillary clinton's autograph at the IOC session! i'm so incredibly jealous! and he actually talked to tony blair! i can't believe it! the man himself! tony blair! the eloquent englishman. if i had known about this thing i would have volunteered earlier. its just that down in australia, i'm really out of touch with things back in singapore. zhenjin was so ecstatic about the fact that he got to escort hillary clinton up the escalator! though he said that she was more interested in looking at the scenery than talking to him!

i really admire the way politicians can lie through their teeth so well! after the IOC opening ceremony, they interviewed senator hillary and asked her what she thought about the performances. the way she glanced downwards before saying "its great!! i loved it!" was so obviously fake! but they cover it up so well by mixing it up with a whole lot of nice sounding words!

its great that singapore is hosting such an event. but frankly, the only other city that wanted to host it was Guatemala City, and obviously we beat them hands down. not really, only by 4 votes. but the best part of course is that it brings in lots of tourist revenues for us. all the delegates shopping in town and putting some life into the economy. there were lots of western people when i was in orchard today.

went to sentosa with couple of my pals yesterday. the beach there was actually much nicer than i had expected. apparently they are trying to spruce it up to attract the tourists. the beach is not fantastic, don't expect bondi or santa monica or miami beach, but if u are looking for a convenient place in singapore to chill out, u got it. we met a couple of chicks who were out there too, looking pretty in their flora-patterned bikinis. they were from ngee ann polytechnic business faculty, taking a day off for an all girl's outing. i can't remember all their names, but i think there was an alicia, a becky and an alistair. so what my polytechnic friends say is indeed true, ngee ann poly's business fac has a reputation has a reputation for being a hive of attractive girls.

the bombing in london is just so unfortunate. terror has finally hit the shores of the UK. everytime a bomb goes off like this, u can't help but wonder...when is the big one coming for singapore? of one wants it to happen, but like the PM and DPM have said, even if it happens, we have to pull ourselves together and move on with life. and we've got to be psychologically prepared. the terrorist activities are definitely getting less sympathy and increasingly senseless....i mean...there u have the leaders of the G8 (including the UK) up in scotland trying to come to an agreement to forgive some of the debts of the world's poorest countries, and here u are, trying to distract them by setting of some bomb the the middle of downtown london to get some petty attention for your lost cause.