Tuesday, July 12, 2005

what a coincidence! i was supposed to meet jon and shaun for dinner at holland village tonight! just as we were about to step into crystal jade, guess who we bumped into at the entrance! LQ and chipmunk! haha! it was a nice coincidence! *wink*

so we sat at separate table and we ordered chinese "la mien", which is basically handmade noodles...i think. shared some shanghai meat buns with the guys. qianyi joined us later and wilson was 2 hours late! it was pretty interesting later on....joining the 2 angels and discussing and sharing the happenings in our lives! they are still very much the same, though wilson and i kinda feel pretty left behind, cos they are all like in 2nd and 3rd year of uni and we are only in first year. NS really sets u back quite a bit. the NUS people are already discussing about patient cases and learning dialects.

i'm not sure, i don't think i like the culture here in singapore. i mean, its great, but i think it lacks the space that australia offers. at present, i don't foresee myslef coming back right after graduation. gonna at least stay there for a couple of years to establish myself first. the life of a houseman here offers enough stress to break a person.

its interesting meeting up after such a longtime of being separated! we've known each other since 2001! that's a whopping 5 years! and the guys like me have completed NS! not too long ago, we were just young, innocent, naive kids running around JC having the time of our lives! now everyone's gone separate ways and are finding new lives of our own.

my ex-classmate still looks so attractive now, even after prolonged exposure to aussie diet. she's really blessed with an extremely aesthetically pleasing face with well set and exquisite features. maybe that's her reward for being so pious! i guess though we may not be close, its always nice to meet up once in a while to catch up, and discover how much our lives have diverged since leaving JC.

Monday, July 11, 2005

yesterday was great cos my parents FINALLY came back from UK after one long week and i am finally relieved of some of these irritating household chores and duties. the only chore i actually enjoy doing is being a chauffeur for my younger siblings cos its nice and relaxing zipping around town in the new car.

it was fun test driving jiawei's camry 2.4 last night. don't underestimate that toyota! it pushes past 120 kph pretty effortlessly! we headed to east coast park lagoon food centre for some supper. jiawei drove too in her camry and we had a kind of mini guy versus girl road rage! boy! she drives fast! weiyong came down from bukit timah to join us too, apparently he was doing 120 kph on the highway and went over a hump at 80 kph! talk about road safety!

had dinner last night with my family and the french girl at this place in keong saik street in china town. it was really authentic cantonese cooking...with dishes such as sweet and sour pork, fish head, crispy fried honey chicken, prawn noodles, and lots more....its hard to name the dishes in english!

my sis is pretty lucky to get this french girl as an exchange student. apparently some of the other exchange students are not as friendly or receptive to the culture here. this girl, Melanie, from Bordeaux, France, is actually quite humble and helpful. She offered to help me with some of the chores in the house several times but i politely declined. i took her for walks in botanic gardens and macritchie reservoir on some of the mornings when we had time to kill after dropping my siblings at school. brought her round raffles city and the esplanade yesterday too.
i got lots of stares from onlookers and passer-bys. i wonder why's that? is it cos people in singapore are not used to seeing an asian guy walking around with a caucasian girl???

today, i just kind of relaxed and went out with my dad and sis for lunch. as usual, played chauffeur again and fetched my sis down to her evening reception with the french ambassador to singapore. my bro went for his prefect's dinner at conrad hotel, a 6 star hotel in singapore. it really puzzles me as to why secondary school kids are exposed to such lavish indulgences at such a young age!

i'm gonna be heading back to melbourne this friday night if the travel agent can't get me a seat on the saturday or sunday flight! so soon! good and bad i guess. i'll definitely miss my family but will like to get back some semblance of a life of routine and discipline instead of slacking around everyday and spending money. i wonder what surprises the next semester will bring! i haven't even laid down some personal goals for myself yet!