Tuesday, February 11, 2003

1st 3 weeks in NS.

hey all! woa...how time flies. I've survived 3 weeks in BMT and counting. Its now book out day thanks to hari raya but i gotta rest at home to recuperate after nearly falling sick after a 24 hour guard duty on sunday.

Guard duty makes u stupid but at least it was an all new experience. At least now i can sympathise with the poor security guards, prowlers and metal detector staff. Was pretty fun frisking pple esp the sergeants and sispec fellas. So many muds brought in metallic cigerratte lighters.

I'm actually pretty relieved now to have enlisted already. Least it relieves me about some of the anxieties about NS. I mean, its actually quite fun when u get to discuss ur common experiences with ur friends.

First few days were probably the worst cos its such a sudden change from uur comfy civilian life. I mean, everywhere u go, u gotta march in an orderly fashion and somehow, I can't help but feel like i'm some kind of mass produced, reconditioned creature in brave new world. yea. especially so when everyone has had they heads shaved bald. We all look like those things in attack of the clones. Clones created to fight a war.

Time went on and gradually we got used to the regimentation and other shit. Such a coincidence. My section commander turned out to be Gan Chia Huey, scout senior in RI. Also from Falcon Patrol.

One thing about army though, it really makes ur mind stagnate. Apart from learning new stuff like rifles handling and field craft and first aid, most of the time all you need to be is an oxy-moron who follows instructions, and echo everything they dish out.

Leopard's been pretty ok. We are treated fairly well considering the fact that we are not an s-paper or scholar platoon, unlike the folks in bravo and scoorpion. Heard that Orion's for the hokkien bengs though, and the sergeants apparently dun dare to go down too hard on them cos they might get ambushed at Pasir Ris interchange. haha. You'd never know which gang he comes from.

Individual Marksmanship Trainer is pretty fun though, apart from slacking around in the air-con room for the afternoon of course. Well...just hope I dun screw up at the live range.

Bye folks....will be back soon.