Friday, April 06, 2007

seems like ages since i last blogged! haven't been at it since returning to melbourne. which is pretty bad and quite a pity since so much has happened. let me try to fill you guys in as best as i can.

the notable stuff that's happened to far is that i've been keeping myself busy with enrichment classes like karate, ballroom dancing, and a bit of debating. microbiology and immunology is not a joke so its hard to balance but i think its best if i set aside some time to achieve a mind-body balance.

dear cousin radiance graduated about 2 weeks ago. we're both of the same age but she's already completed a 4 year bachelor of music course while i'm in 3rd yr medical school. oh well....c'est la vie. best wishes to her as she embarks on her post graduate study or music career.

few weeks back, went on a fishing trip with ruiming and some other friends from monash like xinyi and jeremy gan. it was pretty cool. my first fishing experience and i must say its not as easy as it seems! after all that sea sickness, hopeful anticipation and numerous tugging of the rods, we only managed to catch 5 fish among us! some of the locals nearby caught a whole bucket full!
apart from that, i tried out golfing at Albert Park. oh man....i hate to say that i'm still at the stage when i miss the ball sometimes on the downstroke. its amazing how some people can whack the ball past the 200m at the driving range.

dear sis visited me last week and it was a busy week balancing school work and bringing her around melbourne. visited the relatives and attended my nephew's birthday party. its amazing how he's assimilating so well to the local culture after being here for only a few months. and he can switch his accent really quickly and convincingly! but i'm kind of sad that we're losing him to the "dark side" and that he's going to be an ABC in a couple of yrs time. let's hope he won't be like some of those posers.
then there was the ferrari parade here. to celebrate ferrari's 60th annivesary and a fitting prelude to the formula 1 here in melbourne. and that gave me some motivation and ambition in life.


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