Saturday, November 26, 2005

i'm just feeling kind of nostalgic about the IH days so i thought i might post some pics here... mostly taken during the last few days there...

me and jess...this exchange student from tufts university in boston...she's really nice... and as the saying goes...good things come in small packages!

christmas dinner in college...this was the last dinner we had in college before everyone checked out and went home the next sad! here's a pic of mingkhin acting the goat and having his fill!


what an awesome experience...watching "crazy horse", a french caberet show in swisshotel westin on monday night... the thrill was not so much of watching french beauties prancing around on stage with female beauty at its best, but rather...actually watching such a performance in the best of my UNPRECEDENTED!

other than that....i had a great time at George's 21st on sunday night... what a surprise since i just touched down on saturday night! everyone was rather taken aback when i suddenly appeared... all probably thought that i had vanished into the outback or sth.

coming back to singapore and meeting up with all the friends who stayed back to study in singapore is like a reality check. to constantly remind myself of who i am...and all the common shared experiences that i've gone through with all the singapore friends...

though i must say...sometimes...when i come back to singapore i feel like a fish that's taken from the ocean and put back into a fish tank.

back in singapore!

it was a nice feeling...seeing the singapore coastline just as the SIA jet came in on the southern approach...the skyline of the central business district....the distinct outlines of the neat blocks of HDB flats.....the artificial coast of the east coast park....

for a moment i appreciated the smallness of out little island.... from that angle i could actually had the entire south-eastern coast within view. pretty cool.

here's what i downed on the can of foster's beer, 2 glasses of red wine, 2 glasses of white wine, one bailey's and one singapore sling... talk about calculating the number of standard drinks... and alcohol causing DVT!

the irony of med students.....they are one of the most unhealth-conscious bunch of people.

nothing much to mention one week after arrival....most NUS and SMU folks are having exams.