Thursday, May 26, 2005

had a good chat with some guys in the hostel tonight...

come to think of it, in some ways, i regret the way i lived life in the college for this half a year. i don't know why i've shunned so many of the activities that have been available.

maybe it was my cynicism. maybe it was the influence of the other close-minded singaporeans. maybe it was fear of not studying enough. maybe it was fear of what other people think. maybe it was the lack of self-confidence. maybe it was the unwillingness to challenge myself and do things that i've never done before. maybe...maybe...maybe...

why do i always look at people from afar and judge them based on one facial expression, one comment, one flick of body language...why? i have no intention of doing that, but its just a tendency that can't be helped.

do i wished to be judged in the same way? of course not.

new goals for next semester in college. participate more actively. come out of the shell! be heard and be known! fulfil your hidden potential!

as carly fiorina says...only you and God know about the person inside you. As for others, they can only see whats on the outside. hence, we've got to try and let others peer in as much as possible.

i kinda have this feeling that perhaps if i'm more active in outside stuff, i'll be more focused and efficient in my studying and work. i'll give it a go in sem 2. i don't want my uni life to be just study study and study. i'll go mad.