Friday, December 30, 2005

finally 21!

i wonder if that's a good thing to say....finally reaching a certain age! its always good to be young isn't it? but anyway, being the baby of my batch, who's birthday is on 29 dec, i finally came of age last thursday! and as lots of people do, i had a kind of bday party at my are some highlights.

the good old folks from my class in JC and RJC people in general. feels like the good ol' days in the stuffy classrooms of RJ.

Singaporeans in Uni Melbourne! hey...check out Allen's cheezy smile in the background! (orange shirt)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Signal officer cadets of 2003! Myself, Benedict, Jeun jye, Kevin, Chin Soon, and Scott.

friend's wedding dinner.

tonight, one of my best buddies from OCS (officer cadet school) got married and had his wedding dinner at Marina Mandarin Hotel. we were in the same platoon back in our days as signal to be officers, and had gone through thick and thin together.

the amazing thing about him and his wife is that they have known each other for more than a decade...since their JC days. kind of like high school sweet hearts....and they managed to withstand the test of time and geographical distance. he was studying in Germany for about 5 years and she was at university in Singapore. after that, he had to return to serve his military duty for another year and a half. despite these upheavals, they managed to keep the relationship alive.

watching them walk down the aisle just set me thinking about relationships in general....and about what true love is all about.

i think with all the influences around us, and with all the unhealthy ideas adulterating the basic concept of life, love, and companionship, it is sometimes really easy to lose track of the desired outcomes and veer towards the misguided pathway.

the part where they had a video presentation of their lives was especially meaningful...where they showed pictures of him and his wife back in HCJC, in their secondary school uniforms. back then, as innocent 17 year could they have guessed that the dorky guy / nerdy girl would eventually become their life partner one day!

i'll end off this post with a quote from him, "if you find that special someone whom u really like, don't let him/her go easily, thinking that u'll find someone better. u might never find someone like that again...."