Wednesday, November 08, 2006

midway thru the exams now...2 down...3 to go! its none other than the much feared and dreaded Neuroscience semester which legions of seniors say is the most difficult semester!

i actually found neuroscience quite interesting, despite it being like a new language to master. so much of it is still unknown, so many pathways still not elucidated. but yet the amount of info we've got to know for the exams is just volumous. ( there such a word?) kandel, the author of the legendary textbook, is a nobel laureate. he's textbook hasn't been republished for about 6 yrs now i think? that shows just how much advances in neuroscience have been made thus far.

feeling burnt out now. but i gotta keep going for the killer 3 hour paper on friday.

wish me luck.