Friday, April 07, 2006

i'm horrified to realise that i've not been blogging for almost 2 months! due mainly to procrastination and tests and an idiotic HP essay...

anyway, the most exciting thing recently has got to be the F1 Grand Prix in melbourne. i don't exactly follow the F1 that closely but it was an awesome experience watching the F1 cars zooming past at speeds that u would not normally experience on normal roads. its such a waste that both ferrraris got their cars smashed to smithereens. apart from that, it was a great day chilling out at albert park, tucking into a nice cold fosters beer, the revs of the engines being music to my ears, and lots of race queens and hot aussie chix around. c'est la vie!

here are some pics from the event:

Xing and I on the race track after the F1 race. Managed to catch a glimpse of Micheal Schumacher's wreck. People were looking for scraps of rubber on the track for souvenirs.

Ferrari girls! It was a rather chilly day though....u get the idea...

Xing, Eelin and I with a bunch of hardcore Ferrari fans.