Friday, August 12, 2005

hi all...its time that i get down to blogging again...many of my friends have been remarking that i'm outdated...and i don't want u guys to stop visiting! i love u all!

singapore's national day! i don't see myself as an extremely patriotic person. but since coming abroad to study, i've had the opportunity to look at my country from a different viewpoint. i realise that in many aspects, we are not that "fantastic", contrary to what the govt always claims we are.

no doubt, we have a good airport and sea port, and high levels of efficiency, but we should not always harp on those facts and live in our self made illusion of greatness.

no one owes us a living....and i agree with that. it is very much up to us to protect ourselves against people who constantly try to bring us down and are eagerly anticipating the day that we fall from greatness.

few of us agreed while watching the parade that there is nothing like home... home is a place where we are first class citizens...a place where our race forms the majority, a place where people speak in your accent, a place where friends and family are.

australia is a great place to study and work....the weather's great, and the economy's booming. but i don't wanna "hide" down here all my some point or other...i'd rather finish my business in australia, and go back to singapore, to make a difference in the society and hopefully be a somebody.

hiding down here is not going to give me any sense of satisfaction over 10 or 20 years.

another lively debate with Fang over lunch today. for some strange reason he started raising his voice and getting really fired up while getting his point across. its interesting to talk to someone who speaks so passionately about his country. which is good...which is good...

Fang...if u're reading this....cheers....

at one point, when he got really loud, people from other tables started looking over at him....probably wondering...."whassup with that guy man???"